To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement.  Hip deep in a major Tech-Refresh for a (non-EMC) vendor that is sucking my life dry, I sometimes forget that this blog is ever here. (As evidenced by the lack of activity)

On the blog/webhosting front things have been interesting.  CATBytes is hosting about 50 users or so.  Mostly informally, just bloggers and the like looking for a cheap place to park their wordpress sites.

I guess the part of it I forgot about was security.  I am *NOT* a big security wonk, and I’m learning this stuff as I go.  One of my users used a simple password and allowed their site to be hacked, and while that SHOULDN’T have been a big deal, it allowed some user to start sending out Denial-Of-Service attacks using one of my webservers.

For about a month.

And It didn’t occur to me because I wasn’t getting any complaints about bandwidth, speed, etc. (my equipment is good, my internet uplink is good, so it was hardly noticible.

Until the bill came.  See I pay $38/MB for a 10MB commit, but it’s a 100MBit pipe.  They don’t bill me the extra bandwidth so long as I don’t exceed my 10MB for more than like 5%.  And normally I don’t, by a long-shot.

Except for this month.  And since the hack managed to straddle two billing cycles, It double-hit me.

Now my provider “Neglected” to tell me about this overage until months later, stating that they had a glitch in their billing.  But going 90Mbit over my 10 for almost 30 solid days makes for a SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLAR bandwidth bill.

Crap.  So now I’ve rapidly taught myself how to limit bandwidth in VMWare (something I should have been doing the whole time) but I have a mad fight on my hands to try and get this provider to see that they’ll bankrupt me if they pursue this, and that won’t be good for either of us.

I hope they see logic.  Because if not, I have to explain to 50-75 bloggers why their sites are going down.  And I *WILL* name names.

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