For sale:

Just wondering if there is any interest out there. I have three working storage arrays I’m looking for a new home for.

1 Clariion cx300
1 Clariion cx500
1 Celerra ns500

The ns500 can be split (I have the cables to split the back-end) but I want to sell it as one unit.

Everything works, though while I have cables, I don’t have SPS units for them.  (Those are pretty cheap/easy to find.

The cx500 and ns500 have 146g vault sets, the cx300 has 73g vault drives.

I have a bunch of 73g and 146g drives available to go with if you’re similarly interested.

Make me an offer, but expect on $150 to $200 in shipping charges.

Please know how to set them up. Im not signing on for lifetime support.

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