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Name: Jesse Gilleland
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I've worked in the storage arena for close to 15 years now, directly for EMC Corporation for a number of them, and indirectly for them (as a consultant) for the remainder.

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Aug 30

Side Projects…

I built PC’s back in the 80’s, then stopped for some reason. Here’s what happens when I got back into it…

Feb 21

Is this thing on?

Surprised to find this blog still here.  It’s been…oh…a long time since I’ve ventured into the blogging world.  Work has kept me busy…going into year 4 of a six month contract and making all sorts of discoveries of late. Discovery #1 – Brocade is still a third-rate switch company.  The hardware is fairly bulletproof, when …

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Feb 16

Losing the cloud, Part 2.

When I have an application that goes down (and face it, it does happen) I want the person responsible for getting it back up and running to be within choking distance.  And if he’s within choking distance the servers need to be as well, because otherwise he’s powerless to actually fix the problem, and I’m …

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Feb 09

Losing the cloud… (Part 1)

There’s a Dilbert comic strip that I found hilarious a while back… The hilarious part is there is that the chance of this happening in real life is non-zero.  Not that it is likely to happen, but it’s impossible, statistically speaking, to completely rule out the idea. Now there are “big” cloud providers like AWS …

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Jan 25

Competitive Marketing advice…

…if you’re going to do a comparison, make it about how great your product is, not how lousy your competitor’s is. When you do that, you come off as petty, and bitter, and spiteful, and not very believable.

Aug 27

Cutting the ends off the roast…

When I used to teach, I always told the story of making the roast. It’s a parable, but it works. As follows: I was making a roast one day, and I cut the ends off it before i put it in the pan. My kid asks “Why did you cut the ends off the roast?” …

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Aug 12

Slowly Draining Away…

Plumbers define a slow drain as one in which your teenage-kid has tried to wash clump of hair vaguely resembling a tribble down. Ed Mazurek from Cisco TAC defines it quite differently: …When there are slow devices attached to the fabric, the end devices do not accept the frames at the configured or negotiated rate. …

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Jul 14

Recovering from a windows AD failure…

A couple of years ago my PDC died.  The only physical box in my environment and the one physical server died. I was 2,700 miles away.  I wasn’t going to be back any time soon, and stuff was broken.  (Thankfully, customer data was on the Linux Webhosting environment, so nothing lost there, except their backups) …

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Feb 18

The quest for 100% uptime…

Are you the type of IT shop that won’t take downtime?  I mean won’t take downtime to the point that there are EOSL applications running on EOSL hardware, redundancy gone because an HBA has failed and a replacement simply isn’t available, (or is and you won’t take the outage to replace it) It got me to …

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Sep 09

Privacy In The Clouds….

I’m not sure why this never got discussed before, but suddenly, with the “shocking” revelation that the government has been collecting data from the cloud in bulk, the concept of “Privacy” is on everone’s mind. I’m telling you.  Anyone who thought their “Cloud” storage was secure from prying eyes has deluded themselves with visions of …

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