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Name: Jesse Gilleland
Date registered: September 8, 2006


I've worked in the storage arena for close to 20 years now, directly for EMC Corporation for a number of them, and indirectly for them (as a consultant) for the remainder.

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Feb 18

The quest for 100% uptime…

Are you the type of IT shop that won’t take downtime?  I mean won’t take downtime to the point that there are EOSL applications running on EOSL hardware, redundancy gone because an HBA has failed and a replacement simply isn’t available, (or is and you won’t take the outage to replace it) It got me to …

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Sep 09

Privacy In The Clouds….

I’m not sure why this never got discussed before, but suddenly, with the “shocking” revelation that the government has been collecting data from the cloud in bulk, the concept of “Privacy” is on everone’s mind. I’m telling you.  Anyone who thought their “Cloud” storage was secure from prying eyes has deluded themselves with visions of …

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Jul 09

For sale:

Just wondering if there is any interest out there. I have three working storage arrays I’m looking for a new home for. 1 Clariion cx300 1 Clariion cx500 1 Celerra ns500 The ns500 can be split (I have the cables to split the back-end) but I want to sell it as one unit. Everything works, though …

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May 21

The “Public” Cloud…

It’s really easy to point-and-click yourself to a leased cloud or public cloud infrastructure.  Throw a credit-card # in and you can start working immediately. But it has to come down to the real question. Should you? Putting your application “In The Cloud” whether it be Google’s new service, Amazon, or anyone who you rent …

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Sep 27


To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement.  Hip deep in a major Tech-Refresh for a (non-EMC) vendor that is sucking my life dry, I sometimes forget that this blog is ever here. (As evidenced by the lack of activity) On the blog/webhosting front things have been interesting.  CATBytes is hosting about 50 users or so.  …

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Jun 25

The Great Conversion (Part 2)

CX3-20c take one

Yes, it’s been a while. Over 18 months ago, I started converting an old CX300 to a CX3-20c. (Set the wayback machine and see The Great Conversion ) Shortly after I started this, I got wrapped up in work, got laid off, found new work in the wrong state, spent 12 months commuting from Virginia …

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Apr 24

On Storage and Security.

Does storage management require host access? Of course it does!

Mar 18

Skynet is coming…

Or: “Why process automation isn’t always a good thing.” I’m *GOOD* at scripting and automation.  This is not to say I’m the best there is, I think I worked with him about 10 years ago in California…  I learned most of what I know about BASH from him. There are some WONDERFUL uses for shell …

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Jan 08

I am not a PC…

The last Apple I bought had “//e” following the name…

Dec 15

Cloud Computing….

I’ve told people that if you “…can’t point to the system that is hosting your application, it’s technically in the cloud.” A simple two-node VMWare cluster, technology that’s been around for years, is suddenly a “Private Cloud”

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