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I've worked in the storage arena for close to 20 years now, directly for EMC Corporation for a number of them, and indirectly for them (as a consultant) for the remainder.

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To Partner or no?

Having been an EMC Partner a number of times, I’ve noticed a few things. EMC obviously doesn’t consider the literal meaning of “Partner” when they bring on Professional Service partners.  They refuse to give them the access to the tools they need to complete their jobs.  All you have to do is to log into …

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TimeFinder Clone Part II

A user posted this as a response to “The Many flavors of EMC TimeFinder“  I felt it rated it’s own post. ——————————————— Q: “My experience is mostly using IBM Sharks. I’m now working in a very large EMC environment, foucsed on backup. I’m wondering if the TimeFinder/Clone’s cloned volume can be permanently mounted on another …

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An observation….

Stupid people can’t help being stupid – they’re born that way.  They go through life living in complete oblivion of the damage they are doing along the way. There is no cure for stupid.  It’s the #1 leading cause of “Hold my beer and watch this…” deaths in the world.  My only fear is that …

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Can you believe it?  they actually asked me why I didn’t do more documentation during my year there. Let’s see.  During the course of the past year, we designed, installed, implementated, moved, migrated, redesigned, reimplemented an entire corporate infrastructure. My part in this was fairly simple. Primary role: Storage Design (Clariion/Symmetrix), Implementation, Management Backup Design …

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A Snapshot

This was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  When working on-site at the Library of Congress at the Independance Ave datacenter, we pulled back the floor tiles right in front of the switches and this is what we found.  It took almost 6 months of tracing cables and pulling up the unused stuff …

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Has anyone found anything good about Microsoft servers yet?

I’m not really bashing their workstations, i’m actually quite fond of Vista on my laptop. However, when it comes to servers, I view being in an environment where Microsoft is the PRIMARY operating system by a factor of 20:1 as a form of torture akin to having my finger-naiils pulled out or being tied to …

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SRDF over what media?

Well – Tomorrow I should have data replication going between the two Symms.  And it gives me pause. We’re going to be using SRDF/A for our replication.  To those who are not familiar with the EMC terminology, SRDF/A is a “Semi-Asychronous” form of SRDF that provides consistency points in the data being transmitted without affecting …

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The Fake Synchronous SAN

In response to this article on “EnterpriseStorageForum”:  Synchronous SAN Sets Fibre Channel Distance Record My Response: True Synchronous transmission works over any distance – if you can live with the latency.   The problem is that most hosts operating systems can’t.  So different buffering schemes are cooked up to fool the host into thinking the write is …

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TimeFinder Integration

I’ve been reading the TimeFinder Integration guide for SQL and Exchange – this is going to be FUN…. (not) it would be nice if, at least from the SQL standpoint, they do transaction logging in the traditional sense, so that I could just snap the database, snap the transaction logs, and back the flat-files up. …

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My Duck – redux

I’m not sure but I think I’ve got to go get the duck back from Tim. I say I’m not sure because I’m not sure, even by my own rules of my own game whether taking a system down at midnight and getting it back up by 5am, before the users come in, counts.  Our …

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