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I've worked in the storage arena for close to 20 years now, directly for EMC Corporation for a number of them, and indirectly for them (as a consultant) for the remainder.

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The Datacenter move is COMPLETE

Now I just have to go in and pull about a thousand cables out of the old datacenter and tidy up a bit.  We were there until about 4am.  My goal from 9pm to 3am was to shutdown and move the Clariion to it’s new home in the primary data center.  I got it done …

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Thumbdrive RAID experiment

  Now here is someone with *WAY* too much time on their hands.  They take a mini USB2.0 hub, and 4 thumbdrives and create a 3GB Raid5 array (or if you’re really creative and you’re using a real operating system, a 2GB Raid 1/0 array)   I actually agree with him that the uses of such …

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Comments bug –

A few people have come to me about the bug in the comments section where it tells people to “Slow down cowboy” because only 1 post is allowed every 15 seconds. I’ve identified the issue, this is unfortunately an issue with Word-Press and VMWare – because my time-sync isn’t quite right, every time I reboot …

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EWeek – Skill Shortages to Swell IT Salaries

This article in says it all.  Storage has always been good to me.  In 2001 I got laid off while working for MTI (right before they imploded and were “reborn” as an EMC reseller – with a huge influx of capital from EMC) but was back in business almost immediately.  (Read the article in …

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Centerra – love it?

We just had our sales presentation on EMC’s Centerra Content Addressable Storage system.  I have to admit, I went into it knowing a little about it, and even the 60,000 foot “executive summary” EMC put together really impressed me. The idea of putting so much data to tape but keeping it up and available just …

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Cisco – to switch or not to switch?

Well, I may stand corrected yet again.  After countless attempts to go back and forth with EMC about “Dial-Home” on the Cisco switches, someone has finally produced a document that seems to show how to set up Dial (or in this case email) home on the Cisco switches. I’ve got the “Cisco MDS900 Cookbook for SanOS …

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Veritas NetBackup – Maint. Pack 4

Just in case you don’t already do it, back-up your C:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\bin directory before you apply MP4. Unlike previous Maintenance Packs – this one will clobber any custom scripting you have done. Not nice.

SANCopy actually works!

So it took me about 4 hours to actually get the set-up right.  I’ve never done a SANCopy implementation myself, because I was never on the Clariion side of things.  I feel like the Clariion is to the Symmetrix what the Chevy Vega was to the Camaro.  (Yes it has wheels and an engine, but …

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Quantum Rave

Well, I finally have something NICE to say about someone. I approached the Quantum Corp. buyout of ADIC with a little trepidation.  Our main library at work is an ADIC Scalar i500 with four FC attached LTO-3 drives and 36 tape slots, that’s about to be expanded to 6 drives and 96 slots. Our small …

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Microsoft Bribing Bloggers?

I had posted a few nice words about Vista, but I deleted them when I found out that Microsoft has been bribing Bloggers with Brand new $2,300 Acer Ferrari laptops. Where’s mine? The article, on says that at least 7 bloggers have confessed that the nice things they’ve said about vista came after they …

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