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I've worked in the storage arena for close to 20 years now, directly for EMC Corporation for a number of them, and indirectly for them (as a consultant) for the remainder.

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“An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.”  -R.A.Heinlein As some who spent a lot of time consulting in the federal space, i can say that this was an absolute truism. If you don’t believe me, look up NMCI.

Veritas NetBackup 6.0 – Synthetic Backups?

Just an interesting note. When I took the NBU 6.0 management course earlier this year, we breifly touched on “Synthetic Backups”. Synthetic backups are a great idea – you can build a full backup by taking the last full backup and rolling the incrementals into it.  This results in a backup that takes 1/10th the …

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Celerra filesystem extension

I had to re-write this one, I didn’t like my first run at it. As one part of my duties, I manage the companies one and only fileserver.  We run on a fairly simple rule, if it’s a file share it goes on the Celerra.  There are *NO* windows fileservers in our environment. Setting this …

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The Different Flavors of EMC TimeFinder

I don’t know what most people know about TimeFinder, so I’ll start with a short introduction. EMC Timefinder was developed to provide customers with a dynamic mirror they could use to try and cut some of the tediousness out of copying data, whether from one host to another or within the same host. When I …

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Brocade + McData = McBroken? (Or BrokeData?) Given the choice between brocade and McData I’ll usually choose McData.  Now that I don’t have a choice, I think I’ll stick with Cisco. Truthfully Brocade needed McData.  McData has a solid director class switch, one that will withstand the tests of time and the rigors of a large-scale production datacenter.  Brocade never really …

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For the last time – Raid-S does not mean “STRIPED”

RAID-S isn’t striped.  If it were it would be Raid-5. EMC utilized Raid-S as a stop-gap to the fact that they didn’t offer Raid5. (the constant XOR computations slowed down performance – until the faster DMX line came up which now allows for both 3+1 and 7+1 raid5. Raid-S takes three volumesand computes a parity …

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Are backup tapes headed for the graveyard?

I read an article today in Byte&Switch ( Link ) called “Can’t quite kick the tape habit” ( Read-it-here ).  This article seems to imply that actual tape backups may be going by the wayside in favor of Disk storage unites and VTL (Virtual-Tape-Library) systems. I think the author is on crack, and that while the disk …

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Windows Vista

Update – (9/18/06) I decided that I’ve been a bit unfair, and have been running this on my Dell Latitude D610 laptop.  It’s not bad, if I close my eyes and let my mind wander it’s almost mac-like, which is a plus.  So I’m getting more and more comfortable with it. Then I install Antivirus …

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Encryption? Hardware or Software?

I’m investigating Encryption options and have come to the conclusion that there are simply too many options to be had and that I should just go to sleep and try and pick it up tomorrow. Seriously. Right now we’re using the Veritas Encryption licence, which of course runs as a part of the NetBackup client …

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SAN vs iSCSI. Any opinions?

I very often get email questions about SAN vs. iSCSI.  It’s funny that earlier, within minutes of completing a post on another site on the subject, I got queried in email about it.  I don’t see iSCSI making great inroads because it’s limited by the limitations of IP, that being that IP is a connectionless …

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