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I've worked in the storage arena for close to 20 years now, directly for EMC Corporation for a number of them, and indirectly for them (as a consultant) for the remainder.

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Encryption? Hardware or Software?

I’m investigating Encryption options and have come to the conclusion that there are simply too many options to be had and that I should just go to sleep and try and pick it up tomorrow. Seriously. Right now we’re using the Veritas Encryption licence, which of course runs as a part of the NetBackup client …

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SAN vs iSCSI. Any opinions?

I very often get email questions about SAN vs. iSCSI.  It’s funny that earlier, within minutes of completing a post on another site on the subject, I got queried in email about it.  I don’t see iSCSI making great inroads because it’s limited by the limitations of IP, that being that IP is a connectionless …

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TimeFinder / SRDF – Where does the Symm store the parings?

I replied to this on the Yahoo storage board, and wanted to share it.  Excepting in the case of Dynamic SRDF, the pairings are fixed, having been set by EMC when the CE installs the binfile.  These relationships are more or less hard-coded into the Symmetrix and can’t be changed without breaking the pairs and …

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Troubleshooting? Try actually figuring out the problem instead of guessing.

I’ve seen this time and time again both with people I work with and support personel. Figure out the damned problem, don’t throw rocks at it hoping you’ll get a hit.  When I was in tech-school my instructor called this “shotgun troubleshooting” and siad it’s a sure sign of an inept technical support person. When …

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Exchange backups a problem?

74 Gigs should *NOT* take 24 hours to back up.  Keep in mind, we are not going to tape, we are backing up to Disk Storage Units and then copying backup images from disk to tape later.  So tape bandwidth is not the issue here. I’ve been working on an exchange backup problem.  Now I …

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Switch preferences – Cisco vs. Brocade vs. Mcdata

It’s like religion with some people.  Cisco vs. Brocade. As someone who is no longer affiliated with any storage manufacturer or vendor, I can finally voice a real opinion. As a consultant, I’ve installed more than 100 switches of every size and flavor.  The most disasterous install was a job in Norfolk, VA, where a …

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About the system:

Ok, I know the question is coming, so here it is:  This system is running on a Dell PowerEdge 2650 with 2x 2ghz processors and 2GB of RAM.  Running VMWare with 4 virtual machines, only one of which has anything to do with the site. The VM in question is RedHat, the blog site software is …

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Raid as backup? Only if you have your resume spell checked.

So my cousin runs a small ISP in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Nothing special, a few hundred DSL and Dial-Up users, webmail, etc.  A couple of weeks ago, I was down visiting and he was wringing his hands over a technical “glitch.”   Apparently a drive in his raid set had failed and due to either …

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Hello storage world!

My first post – I always thought that when I finally broke down and started ranting and raving about something that it would be about politics, or the travel industry, or even my devestating disappointment in the lack of quality network television.  No – I decide to write about work. First a little about me.  …

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