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May 13

How many copies of static data are you backing up?

So I’m going through my MP3 library and the backups, and got to thinking. How many times do you need to back up static content?f I’ve got about 100G, but an MP3 library, like a lot of static storage, it doesn’t change much. This means that every time i run a full backup of the …

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May 02


Just a warning – keep an eye on the install drive for Veritas.   Letting the drive fill can result in a corrputed EMM database and Veritas forgetting things like the last year’s worth of backups. So I ended up rebuilding both the master server and one of the media servers. One thing that might come in handy.  …

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Apr 12

Veritas Media Server Encryption Option…

So the biggest problem with Veritas, is that their client-side encryption option, which is the standard deployment, negates the use of Veritas Bare-Metal-Restore (BMR). For those who aren’t Veritas geeks like me, BMR is the handy-dandy application that allows you to rebuild a server from scratch using only a floppy (or bootable CD) with little …

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Mar 20

Woah – Bigtime Duck

I think I’m going to send this guy the biggest duck ever. Oops! Techie wipes out $38 billion fundWe’ve all done it, accidentally deleted a file, maybe some of us have even formatted the wrong drive. But I think it’s safe to say that most of us have not wiped out $38 billion dollars. According …

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Feb 27

TimeFinder Clone Part II

A user posted this as a response to “The Many flavors of EMC TimeFinder“  I felt it rated it’s own post. ——————————————— Q: “My experience is mostly using IBM Sharks. I’m now working in a very large EMC environment, foucsed on backup. I’m wondering if the TimeFinder/Clone’s cloned volume can be permanently mounted on another …

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Feb 10

Has anyone found anything good about Microsoft servers yet?

I’m not really bashing their workstations, i’m actually quite fond of Vista on my laptop. However, when it comes to servers, I view being in an environment where Microsoft is the PRIMARY operating system by a factor of 20:1 as a form of torture akin to having my finger-naiils pulled out or being tied to …

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Jan 28

TimeFinder Integration

I’ve been reading the TimeFinder Integration guide for SQL and Exchange – this is going to be FUN…. (not) it would be nice if, at least from the SQL standpoint, they do transaction logging in the traditional sense, so that I could just snap the database, snap the transaction logs, and back the flat-files up. …

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Jan 05

Centerra – love it?

We just had our sales presentation on EMC’s Centerra Content Addressable Storage system.  I have to admit, I went into it knowing a little about it, and even the 60,000 foot “executive summary” EMC put together really impressed me. The idea of putting so much data to tape but keeping it up and available just …

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Dec 06

Enterprise Vault for Exchange

The boys over at Symantec ( just came by last week and gave us an interesting presentation on Enterprise Vault.  (Not to be confused with the Vault extension for NetBackup, which is a different beast) The short answer is this.  EV is an application that dives into your exchange environment and strips out any email/attachments …

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Dec 04

TimeFinder on MSSQL a possibility?

Let’s face it, if it’s Oracle, DB2, or anything along those lines, I can snap a copy and back it up with my eyes closed. MSSQL, being a pretend database, has me stumped.  I’m so used to archive logs that I’m not even sure how to use TF/Snap to back up the database. This is …

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