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Aug 07

On roleplaying…

Ok – certain people do certain things well. I’m a storage administrator/architect.  If you present me a problem I will *ALWAYS* look at it from a storage standpoint.  If you present me with a non-storage problem, I’ll try and make it fit. I’ve identified four types of systems engineer-type-people: Storage people Server people Network people …

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May 22

How to tell if your sales rep hates you….

I just got the following job posting and it made me, literally, laugh out loud, spitting latte all over my laptop. If your sales rep allows you to do something like this, it’s a fair bet that s/he hates you (or is planning to buy your company out of bankruptcy later). “WANTED: VMWare 1-month resident to …

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Mar 25

On Security….

Security is a good thing….until it isn’t. Security isn’t a good then when it interferes needlessly with productivity.  By needlessly I mean to say when you don’t get the security you’re looking for but instead make it harder for your people to do their job than needs to be. A few examples: 1.   Company “A” …

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Sep 18

Storage is as Storage does

Sitting here running RDF create scripts for a data push this weekend and going over the days events in my head. One of the things you get as a consultant is the ability to get a glimpse of the political machinations of many different companies and to get a first-hand view of what does and …

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Sep 16

101 uses for a Clariion…

You know, it floored me recently when i heard that someone had said that a CX3-20 couldn’t be used as a dumparea for Tivoli. What floored me even more is when they said this would not perform as well as a Symmetrix 8430. 8430. Symm4. Almost 10 year old hardware. Huh? Back when I was …

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Sep 04

A Cabling Before/After:

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a little insane when it comes to cabling. Keeping cable management sane makes management, and troubleshooting easier. The trouble of course is that usually, when you’re called in to do a clean-up, you’re not given the luxury of taking the datacenter off-line to do the work.  Most of this …

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Dec 06

Overcomplicating the world

Ok, I’ve seen it happen over and over again.  Customers who think they know better. Now I absolutely applaud a customer who wants to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the storage they’ve spent probably  hundreds of thousands of dollars on. But when you pay a consultant to come in and …

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Nov 08

Binfile changes

The joys of data migrations.  One of the most common problems is the standard practice of most companies to avoid upgrading whenever possible.  The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I could spend days and days on that particular brand of suicide.  For now I’ll just replace that addage with a new one. …

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Nov 08

Upgrades complete

With the exception of a small problem I had with sendmail, everything seems to be working. Love it when it works this smoothly. 😉 /jg

Oct 21

Cheaper isn’t necessarily better.

This is a large part of what drives me nuts about customers.   (If they didn’t pay the bills, I’d be for letting them all drown in the sea of bad decisions they make)  The unwillingness to spend a little extra to do it right. Let me give you an example.  I’m working now on a …

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