Category: Best Practices

Cheaper isn’t necessarily better.

This is a large part of what drives me nuts about customers.   (If they didn’t pay the bills, I’d be for letting them all drown in the sea of bad decisions they make)  The unwillingness to spend a little extra to do it right. Let me give you an example.  I’m working now on a …

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Be the Packet….

I was whiteboarding a switch migration today with one of the DCR people, and it occurred to me: If you can visualize the data’s path through the system, your life gets a lot easier.  If you can see the path the data is going to take through the San, I.E. from Switch1, Blade1, Port4 through …

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SRDF over what media?

Well – Tomorrow I should have data replication going between the two Symms.  And it gives me pause. We’re going to be using SRDF/A for our replication.  To those who are not familiar with the EMC terminology, SRDF/A is a “Semi-Asychronous” form of SRDF that provides consistency points in the data being transmitted without affecting …

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