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SRDF woes….

Ok, for about 4 months I’ve had an SRDF problem that has been kicking my ass.  SRDF over Ethernet presents a host of new problems, unique to Ethernet.  First, and mostly – the RE adapters want to see *ALL* of the remote adapters in the RDF group.  That means if you have four RDF/Ethernet (RE) …

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Has anyone found anything good about Microsoft servers yet?

I’m not really bashing their workstations, i’m actually quite fond of Vista on my laptop. However, when it comes to servers, I view being in an environment where Microsoft is the PRIMARY operating system by a factor of 20:1 as a form of torture akin to having my finger-naiils pulled out or being tied to …

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Comments bug –

A few people have come to me about the bug in the comments section where it tells people to “Slow down cowboy” because only 1 post is allowed every 15 seconds. I’ve identified the issue, this is unfortunately an issue with Word-Press and VMWare – because my time-sync isn’t quite right, every time I reboot …

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Veritas NetBackup – Maint. Pack 4

Just in case you don’t already do it, back-up your C:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\bin directory before you apply MP4. Unlike previous Maintenance Packs – this one will clobber any custom scripting you have done. Not nice.