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Apr 24

On Storage and Security.

Does storage management require host access? Of course it does!

Jul 28

To Cloud, or not to Cloud…

Why cloud when you don’t have to?

Sep 18

Storage is as Storage does

Sitting here running RDF create scripts for a data push this weekend and going over the days events in my head. One of the things you get as a consultant is the ability to get a glimpse of the political machinations of many different companies and to get a first-hand view of what does and …

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Mar 04

Brocade is just in a buying mood these days…

Brocade bought SBS. I don’t know how many of you happen to have looked at the resume I had posted – but I spent a couple of years at Strategic Business Systems ( I’m not sure what Brocade is hoping to get out of this.  SBS doesn’t do sales, and doesn’t even really have any …

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Aug 04

My previous employer in the news….

I guess this is safe now. I guess now that I don’t work for them anymore, I can at least tell people who I worked for.  I haven’t seen the agreement they will want me to sign in order to receive my severance, but I’m going to assume it’s the usual non-disclosure.  And maybe …

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