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Sep 15

Backup Vs. Archive

The fundamental difference between BACKUP and ARCHIVE. A backup is there to help you deal with a crisis such as “My datacenter is a smoking hole in the ground now what do I do?” or something not quite as dramatic like “A virus ate my data.”  You recover from the backup to the last known …

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Jul 09

Storage Tiering…

Ok, given the changes to the storage arena I’ve been working on a revised “Tiering system” to incorporate all of the levels of data…importance? My version of Storage Tiering is (or should be) as follows: Tier-1    – Symmetrix/Replicated – High Performance/Criticial Data Tier-2    – Symmetrix/NonReplicated – High Performance/Non-Criticial Data Tier-3   – Symmetrix/SATA/Replicated – High-Medium Performance/Critical …

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Apr 04

EMC Atmos

Got my first presentation on EMC’s new “Atmos” storage platform. Now granted this was kind of a sales-ey (is to a word) presentation but I’m pretty impressed so far. It seems what EMC has done is combined the best of Celerra and Centerra. (In fact, the gentleman giving the presentation sort of placed it on …

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Jul 03

Network Appliance

I went to a NetApp demo today, and they were trying desparately to show me where they competed with the Centerra. First off, i think the demo went in the wrong direction.  I am not the “average” customer, I wouldn’t have been there if I wasn’t interested, so it should have been very much less …

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Jun 17

Centerra vs. NetApp

Interestingly enough, my favourite Veritas sales guy from Strategic Technologies ( actually managed to do the virtually impossible. He got me to thinking and questioning my blind believe in “what EMC says.” I’m looking at a different options for WORM archiving right now.  Of course the first player in the game is the G5 Centerra.  …

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Jan 05

Centerra – love it?

We just had our sales presentation on EMC’s Centerra Content Addressable Storage system.  I have to admit, I went into it knowing a little about it, and even the 60,000 foot “executive summary” EMC put together really impressed me. The idea of putting so much data to tape but keeping it up and available just …

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