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Sep 16

No SAN is an island…

Ok, that was too cutsey for such a classy establishment. When you’re building a SAN, everything should play together, in the same SAN box if you will (with my apologies to QLogic.) When you start putting in multiple stand-alone SAN islands you increase your maintenance overhead exponentially.  You also prevent the very thing that make …

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Mar 07

Be the Packet….

I was whiteboarding a switch migration today with one of the DCR people, and it occurred to me: If you can visualize the data’s path through the system, your life gets a lot easier.  If you can see the path the data is going to take through the San, I.E. from Switch1, Blade1, Port4 through …

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Jan 04

Cisco – to switch or not to switch?

Well, I may stand corrected yet again.  After countless attempts to go back and forth with EMC about “Dial-Home” on the Cisco switches, someone has finally produced a document that seems to show how to set up Dial (or in this case email) home on the Cisco switches. I’ve got the “Cisco MDS900 Cookbook for SanOS …

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Dec 23

Cisco dial-home follow-up!

Cisco has released version 3.0(2) of their firmware, and with this, comes, finally, an EMAIL-HOME feature for the switch.  It’s not perfect (because unlike the dial-home on the Symm, this is dependent on an external server or two, and doesn’t work if the network connection is down. The long and the short of it is …

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Dec 09

EMC and Cisco are some kind of partners.

Ok, there is something I hate about Cisco- and it’s not really about Cisco, it’s about EMC’s complete failure to completely support their MDS series of switches. First – When you buy an MDS 9xxx switch from Cisco, it comes with the ability to dial into Cisco when there is a problem, much like EMC …

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