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Aug 23

The evolution of technology…

It’s funny, but I always get this funny look when I talk about technology being alive, evolving, and maybe even slightly sentient. This is a non-storage post, but I never claimed to write only about storage, just mostly. 🙂 We dumped cable TV today.  And it got me to thinking on how certain technologies just …

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Jul 01

Comcast is *SO* fired

They screwed it up again.  Verizon has already been called. Not so much for the “the system is down” but for the “i really dont care when you get it back up or how much business you’re losing in the meantime.”  

May 08

Network woes….

Got the new firewall in – Bought a used Juniper Netscreen 5XP of Ebay for $139., and it is working WONDERFULLY.  It only took about 4 hours to set it up, but as I’m a storage wonk and not a network wonk, I consider that to be a success in the grand scheme of things. …

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May 04

Another six hours of down-time….

Ok, this one was my fault.  I messed with the cable companies careful organizational system. I paid my bill. I went in there today to pay my bill.  While I was in there I asked them for an adjustment, because when they set up the business service, they neglected to stop charging me for the …

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Apr 30

Comcast –

They’re getting their last chance.  Morons took me down with their last config fix by re-enabling the blocking of port-80 when they uploaded the most recent “cure-all” config to the modem. Mental note:  If anyone ever tries to hand you an SMC 8013 or SMC8014 cable modem, run, don’t walk, in the opposite direction.  They …

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Apr 26


the state of mind when the mind over-rides the body’s basic desire to choke the living crap out of someone who desparately needs it. Anyway, enough about my day. Some of you may have noticed the site going up and down lately. if you’d like, you can blame the nice folks at Comcast Communications, whose …

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