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Feb 21

Is this thing on?

Surprised to find this blog still here.  It’s been…oh…a long time since I’ve ventured into the blogging world.  Work has kept me busy…going into year 4 of a six month contract and making all sorts of discoveries of late. Discovery #1 – Brocade is still a third-rate switch company.  The hardware is fairly bulletproof, when …

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Jul 28

To Cloud, or not to Cloud…

Why cloud when you don’t have to?

May 27

In case you’re wondering…

Point of reference – A few months ago I wrote a post that I never ended up publishing that started with the line: “My gods I need to work with technology that wasn’t conceived of in the 1990s.” With that in mind, in case you’re wondering where I’ve been this past month or so… I’ve …

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May 06

And suddenly…(redux)

**ALERT** I’ve had to…modify this post so it won’t offend someone who doesn’t realize that the storage community is very small and that word will get out regardless… I’m unemployed. Unexpectedly too.  Unexpected because right up until the day they told me to go home because I wasn’t getting paid, everyone assured me that the …

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Feb 25

We interupt this experiment to bring you this special bulletin…

The government’s “Continuing Resolution” will be expiring a week from today.  As a government contractor, this directly affects me. They have two choices.  They can pass ANOTHER C.R. or they can actually pass a budget. I don’t post political statements here too often.  However I don’t know about you, but from where I stand this …

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Sep 18

Storage is as Storage does

Sitting here running RDF create scripts for a data push this weekend and going over the days events in my head. One of the things you get as a consultant is the ability to get a glimpse of the political machinations of many different companies and to get a first-hand view of what does and …

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Jun 30

Short observation….

The difference between consulting and contracting. Contractors are there to perform a task. Consultants are there to solve a problem. Now there are Consultants who perform contracting work – it’s the way we stay in business when there isn’t consulting work to be done.  (What I’m doing now) I prefer consulting.

Jun 30

CV or not CV?

Ok, related to my last post only slightly, so I thought it merited it’s own post. I’m coming to the point where I’ve spent a larger portion of my career consulting than I did actually working as an employee of a company. I worked from 1995-2001, and other than 18 months (wasted) with a financial …

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Jun 30

Interviewing – Consulting Style

Periodically I’ll put myself through the interview process.  Every once in a while I find a job that really gets my attention and warrants the time.  It’s safe to say that when I interview I really want the job (I don’t let it get to that point if I’m not interested, ask the 20-30 recruiters …

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Apr 02

IBM – Federal Blacklist?

IBM ‘Blindsided’ by Federal Contract Suspension If there ever was an *OUCH* moment this is it.  IBM – who running jokes have referred to as “Inferior but Marketable” may not be marketable anymore.  It seems that they’ve been caught up in an $80 million bid-rigging scandal that has them blacklisted from bidding on new projects …

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