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Apr 01

New venue –

Ok, changed venues again.  Going to do some work for some smaller customers.  Down side is I won’t be involved in the huge datacenter migrations I’ve done in the past, up side is that I’ll get more hands-on stick time and be able to keep the skills sharp.  So far it’s a *LOT* of NAS …

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Feb 04

Things I’ve learned today:

1. iSCSI is a viable alternative to FC for Small infrastructures. 2. I learned that no matter how well prepared for an install you are, the techie-gods will always throw curve-balls at you. 3. I’ve learned that Linux and PowerPath requires that multiple iSCSI HBA’s in a single host are not supported. (Author’s note – …

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Jan 25

Frying Pan / Fire

Well – after moving along for a few weeks at a nice leisurely pace, I find myself working on six different projects.  Loads of fun, especially when three of them are just similar enough to get the details confused. Got an iSCSI install next weekend though, this should be interesting.  I think I have a …

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Jan 14

On working from home….

You know – there is something to be said for working from home.  I get to pick my hours, I get to relax in shorts and a T-Shirt when most of my colleagues are out there in at the very least some form of “Business Casual” attire. But sometimes I prefer being in the mix …

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Nov 25

Migration complete –

We did it.   Migrated the hosts/data.   Production is now running in Kansas, DR in Georgia, and the old datacenters in NY/NJ are one step closer to being shut down. Interesting couple of things I learned today. SRDF/A is a great technology for replicating over long distances while maintaining what they call a “dependent-write-consistent” state.  It …

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Nov 16

To compete or non-compete – Part II

I saw an article in E-Week/Careers and had to comment. I’ve been the victim of overzealous non-compete enforcement, almost twice actually.  The problem is that it’s not that they can actually enforce it, it’s that no matter what you do they try. It cost me over $8,000 leaving a certain Alpharetta, GA-based storage consulting firm, even …

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Nov 11

Travel – the bane of consulting.

The biggest problem with consulting is that unless you live *IN* a major metro area, you have to travel *TO* a major metro area. To complicate matters, when you’re in a specialty like storage, the jobs, even in the major metro areas, can be few and far between, so that leaves travel. So you book …

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Nov 08

Binfile changes

The joys of data migrations.  One of the most common problems is the standard practice of most companies to avoid upgrading whenever possible.  The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I could spend days and days on that particular brand of suicide.  For now I’ll just replace that addage with a new one. …

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Oct 21

Cheaper isn’t necessarily better.

This is a large part of what drives me nuts about customers.   (If they didn’t pay the bills, I’d be for letting them all drown in the sea of bad decisions they make)  The unwillingness to spend a little extra to do it right. Let me give you an example.  I’m working now on a …

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Sep 30

Insurance for Consultants.. (or) Why are Insurance Companies Evil?

Ok, not really storage related, but it’s my site, so I get to bend the rules a bit, right? So going to private practice consulting has proven to be more complex than I had originally anticipated. First – I’m not an accountant, and while I’m learning the process quickly, I think I’m going to have …

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