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Insurance for Consultants.. (or) Why are Insurance Companies Evil?

Ok, not really storage related, but it’s my site, so I get to bend the rules a bit, right? So going to private practice consulting has proven to be more complex than I had originally anticipated. First – I’m not an accountant, and while I’m learning the process quickly, I think I’m going to have …

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So you wanna be a consultant – Part 2

First off I’m sorry for the long delay between posts – all of a sudden I find I have more work than i know what to do with. ;-)  This is a good thing, right? So the second part of my post is: 1099-Direct This is probably the easiest type of consulting to do.  You …

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Consulting 101 (or “So you wanna be a consultant…”) – Part 1

Ok, I’ve been asked, and as of next week I will have worked as a consultant in all three different types of arrangements.  I thought it might be a good idea to explain the pros and cons of different consulting positions. To sum it up, there are three different types of consultants.   The W2 (Or …

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Throwing money away….

So tell me something, how much sense does it make to pay anywhere from between $150 and $250 an hour for a consultant to come in and then tie their hands to the ankles by telling them they can’t actually do any of the work. That’s the situation I find myself in.  The customer, a …

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To Partner or no?

Having been an EMC Partner a number of times, I’ve noticed a few things. EMC obviously doesn’t consider the literal meaning of “Partner” when they bring on Professional Service partners.  They refuse to give them the access to the tools they need to complete their jobs.  All you have to do is to log into …

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It’s Layoff time again – everyone say “Thanks EMC”

You know, corporations (like EMC) must think we’re stupid. I read in eWeek ( Link ) that EMC is going to kick 1,250 people out on their asses right before the holidays because they failed to make it last quarter. I guess people are just so much chattle, to be sold off whenever profits need a boost.  …

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“An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.”  -R.A.Heinlein As some who spent a lot of time consulting in the federal space, i can say that this was an absolute truism. If you don’t believe me, look up NMCI.