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Feb 18

The quest for 100% uptime…

Are you the type of IT shop that won’t take downtime?  I mean won’t take downtime to the point that there are EOSL applications running on EOSL hardware, redundancy gone because an HBA has failed and a replacement simply isn’t available, (or is and you won’t take the outage to replace it) It got me to …

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Feb 25

We interupt this experiment to bring you this special bulletin…

The government’s “Continuing Resolution” will be expiring a week from today.  As a government contractor, this directly affects me. They have two choices.  They can pass ANOTHER C.R. or they can actually pass a budget. I don’t post political statements here too often.  However I don’t know about you, but from where I stand this …

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Mar 17

I remember the good old days….

When the triage guys @ EMC actually listened to the person calling in the problem and directed the call appropriately. (Just had one I specifically asked for PSE and they routed me to software for some unknown reason, now, three hours later, it’s been re-routed to PSE) When the support specialist working a call would …

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Aug 25

Jumping the shark

This may be a more well-known reference than I earlier thought. I grew up watching Happy-Days.  The show was great until the episode where Fonzi jumped the shark-tank.  After that it pretty much went down-hill quickly. Hence the term “Jumped the shark” or “Jumping the shark” has come to mean any single event that marks …

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Jun 22

Enterprise vs….not

I have a cousin. Very well-to-do man, owns a company that does something with storing and providing stock data to other users. I don’t pretent do know the details of the business, but what I do know is that it’s storage and bandwidth intensive. He’s building his infrastructure on a home-grown storage solution – Tyan …

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Apr 11

So much fun, so little time.

A few have noticed the site was down for an extended period this week.  I learned a few things this week. I set up my FC system and was so excited to get it moving that I neglected to adequately test my equipment.  I bought used equipment, with used drives, and put real data on …

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Jul 01

Comcast is *SO* fired

They screwed it up again.  Verizon has already been called. Not so much for the “the system is down” but for the “i really dont care when you get it back up or how much business you’re losing in the meantime.”  

May 04

Another six hours of down-time….

Ok, this one was my fault.  I messed with the cable companies careful organizational system. I paid my bill. I went in there today to pay my bill.  While I was in there I asked them for an adjustment, because when they set up the business service, they neglected to stop charging me for the …

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Mar 30

Another bout of down-time – Sorry.

Apparently the move to Comcast Business Services hasn’t done me all that much good.  The SMC gateway they gave me hangs on a regular basis, the 6meg I’m paying for is closer to 1.5.  If you have the chance to make use of their services….pass.  I can’t wait until Verizon comes out with Fios in …

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Mar 14


Some may have noticed the downtime last night – well it was planned…sort of. Last night I started working on moving the site over to the new internet connection.  (I’m curious as to whether or not anyone outside notices the speed difference) When I realized (as I should have before) that moving the default gateway …

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