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Jun 25

The Great Conversion (Part 2)

CX3-20c take one

Yes, it’s been a while. Over 18 months ago, I started converting an old CX300 to a CX3-20c. (Set the wayback machine and see The Great Conversion ) Shortly after I started this, I got wrapped up in work, got laid off, found new work in the wrong state, spent 12 months commuting from Virginia …

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Dec 07

The Great Conversion… (Part1)

Tonight I have started the process of converting my own CX300 to a CX3-20c.  (yay!  upgrading from SERIOUSLY out-of-date hardware to MODERATELY out-of-date hardware, right?) Why?  Because it’s there.  Since EMC doesn’t offer free training to sub-sub-sub-contractors such as myself, it falls to me to learn what I can where I can.  Besides.  It’s fun. …

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Oct 25

What’s this blog thing?

Oh….how I’ve neglected you.  But it’s been for good reason. You see, the little nothing company that I quite literally started in my basement is growing up…  A few dozen customers and suddenly I’m finding that the electricity and heat problems in my basement were *NOT* going to tolerate a second tray of disks, …

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Oct 18

Upgrade fever…

Downtime last night – This time (almost) planned. In my constant effort to stay no more than a couple of steps behind current technology, I have started aquiring Dell 1850’s to replace my 2650’s. I decided to go with the 1850’s because they are smaller form-factor, which means that they’ll fit in my cramped little …

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Feb 21

I did not….

I did not stay up way too late upgrading (playing with) the new CX. I did not accidentally plug my new CX into a consumer-grade UPS but accidentally plug it into the SURGE outlet and not the BATT outlet. I did not plug it into the same wall circuit that the aux AC is on. …

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Feb 18

New and insteresting things in the 50micron world….

There comes a time in every geek’s life…. A look of wonder crossing his face…. A new toy, a new project, a new endeavour…. A beloved wife saying something along the lines of “You bring that damned thing in here and I swear to god…” This is one of those times. Over the course of …

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Aug 25

Jumping the shark

This may be a more well-known reference than I earlier thought. I grew up watching Happy-Days.  The show was great until the episode where Fonzi jumped the shark-tank.  After that it pretty much went down-hill quickly. Hence the term “Jumped the shark” or “Jumping the shark” has come to mean any single event that marks …

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May 29

Fibrechannel Target Mode

Ok – So I’m going to put the question out here. Has anyone heard of a decent fibrechannel target mode package?  I’ve been doing some research and have found a number of open NAS appliances, but only a few (and none of them open) that do target-mode. Open-E – seems to be about the most …

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Mar 31


A couple of years ago, I picked up an old Clariiion FC5300 wholesale (free) from a junk-pile at one of my customers.  I played with it, it was nice, but I couldn’t figure out why I should use it when I had 73+G drives available to me. I started the FC@Home project then.  Because I …

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