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Dec 07

The Great Conversion… (Part1)

Tonight I have started the process of converting my own CX300 to a CX3-20c.  (yay!  upgrading from SERIOUSLY out-of-date hardware to MODERATELY out-of-date hardware, right?) Why?  Because it’s there.  Since EMC doesn’t offer free training to sub-sub-sub-contractors such as myself, it falls to me to learn what I can where I can.  Besides.  It’s fun. …

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Sep 16

No SAN is an island…

Ok, that was too cutsey for such a classy establishment. When you’re building a SAN, everything should play together, in the same SAN box if you will (with my apologies to QLogic.) When you start putting in multiple stand-alone SAN islands you increase your maintenance overhead exponentially.  You also prevent the very thing that make …

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Aug 25

Jumping the shark

This may be a more well-known reference than I earlier thought. I grew up watching Happy-Days.  The show was great until the episode where Fonzi jumped the shark-tank.  After that it pretty much went down-hill quickly. Hence the term “Jumped the shark” or “Jumping the shark” has come to mean any single event that marks …

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Jun 17

Clariion – Mirrorview – Cisco – FCIP

Got into a scary situation this week.  Got called into help with a customer with a Mirrorview implementation. Situation was:  Customer had Mirrorview/S set up within the existing switch environment, replication worked perfectly. Then they reconfigured the switches to run FCIP so they could start replication to a remote site.  This is where things went …

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Mar 31


A couple of years ago, I picked up an old Clariiion FC5300 wholesale (free) from a junk-pile at one of my customers.  I played with it, it was nice, but I couldn’t figure out why I should use it when I had 73+G drives available to me. I started the FC@Home project then.  Because I …

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Mar 04

Brocade is just in a buying mood these days…

Brocade bought SBS. I don’t know how many of you happen to have looked at the resume I had posted – but I spent a couple of years at Strategic Business Systems ( I’m not sure what Brocade is hoping to get out of this.  SBS doesn’t do sales, and doesn’t even really have any …

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Feb 04

Things I’ve learned today:

1. iSCSI is a viable alternative to FC for Small infrastructures. 2. I learned that no matter how well prepared for an install you are, the techie-gods will always throw curve-balls at you. 3. I’ve learned that Linux and PowerPath requires that multiple iSCSI HBA’s in a single host are not supported. (Author’s note – …

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Dec 06

Overcomplicating the world

Ok, I’ve seen it happen over and over again.  Customers who think they know better. Now I absolutely applaud a customer who wants to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the storage they’ve spent probably  hundreds of thousands of dollars on. But when you pay a consultant to come in and …

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Mar 21

DWDM Limitations – how far is too far?

I saw this post on and felt that the comment I posted to him there would make pretty good topic here. Most people don’t understand that the speed of light has become a serious limitation in computing.  Even the original Cray, which was installed in Los Alamos in 1976, had some million individual wires …

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