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Oops I did it again?

Took the servers down today – on purpose this time.  Had to move the rack to put the new floor in my office. ;-)  It’s starting to look like a real office now – my little 10′ x 15′ world. Anyway, I apologize for the inconvienence. I have a question for anyone who is VMWare …

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A little down-time?

Just figured out that the site was down for about a day or so this weekend.  Apparently during a re-model of the office/data center I disconnected the router and never even noticed that the site was down because between putting the dry-wall up and trying to sleep off the injuries to my aching muscles, I …

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NAS Management

EMC Control Center has more management tools for Network Appliance filers than they do for their own hardware. I wonder if this means they prefer the NetApp devices?


“An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.”  -R.A.Heinlein As some who spent a lot of time consulting in the federal space, i can say that this was an absolute truism. If you don’t believe me, look up NMCI.

Celerra filesystem extension

I had to re-write this one, I didn’t like my first run at it. As one part of my duties, I manage the companies one and only fileserver.  We run on a fairly simple rule, if it’s a file share it goes on the Celerra.  There are *NO* windows fileservers in our environment. Setting this …

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The Different Flavors of EMC TimeFinder

I don’t know what most people know about TimeFinder, so I’ll start with a short introduction. EMC Timefinder was developed to provide customers with a dynamic mirror they could use to try and cut some of the tediousness out of copying data, whether from one host to another or within the same host. When I …

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Brocade + McData = McBroken? (Or BrokeData?) Given the choice between brocade and McData I’ll usually choose McData.  Now that I don’t have a choice, I think I’ll stick with Cisco. Truthfully Brocade needed McData.  McData has a solid director class switch, one that will withstand the tests of time and the rigors of a large-scale production datacenter.  Brocade never really …

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Windows Vista

Update – (9/18/06) I decided that I’ve been a bit unfair, and have been running this on my Dell Latitude D610 laptop.  It’s not bad, if I close my eyes and let my mind wander it’s almost mac-like, which is a plus.  So I’m getting more and more comfortable with it. Then I install Antivirus …

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SAN vs iSCSI. Any opinions?

I very often get email questions about SAN vs. iSCSI.  It’s funny that earlier, within minutes of completing a post on another site on the subject, I got queried in email about it.  I don’t see iSCSI making great inroads because it’s limited by the limitations of IP, that being that IP is a connectionless …

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TimeFinder / SRDF – Where does the Symm store the parings?

I replied to this on the Yahoo storage board, and wanted to share it.  Excepting in the case of Dynamic SRDF, the pairings are fixed, having been set by EMC when the CE installs the binfile.  These relationships are more or less hard-coded into the Symmetrix and can’t be changed without breaking the pairs and …

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