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Quiet out here.

It’s quiet out this week.  I understand that, it’s end of quarter and the pressure is on to get as much done before the quarter closes as humanly possible. I wish we spent more time running at an even pace and letting the sales / PS numbers fall in whatever quarter they happen to fall …

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Oversubscription rears it’s ugly head.

It occurred to me today that oversubscription in switchports is very like thin-provisioning storage.  You’re technically giving away more than you’ve got, and if you do it wrong you’re screwed. Today I ran into one of those situations. First off, I’m working on a switch that was under-configured from the start.  It wasn’t supposed to …

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Corvettes and Open Replicator

Ok – Maybe that was just a shameless attempt at grabing attention. You know how you sit two cars side by side, say maybe an older, 1970’s corvette, and a brand new 2009, and compare them? The 1970’s corvette in this metaphor is an old Symmetrix 8830.  I love the 8830.  It was by far …

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More space!

Can I get another 200G? Oracle DBA’s who refuse to compress tablespaces and clean up after themselves should be unequivocably denied new storage requests without question and without remorse.


One of the occasions for having the most fun is working on a system that’s been in place for several years.  Because while customers learn quickly how to provision and assign storage themselves, almost NONE of them deprovision it properly when a host is moved. I’ve seen everything from customers who instead of using the …

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Windows 2008?

Ok, I’m wandering through Barnes&Noble today looking for new computer books (Some people do cocaine, I do O’Reilly Press) and I noted the HUGE selection of Windows 2008 server books and I realized. Windows 2008 was released in February, 2008 has received a TON of press.  But in the almost 7 months since it’s release, …

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Got new toys!

Got a couple of DS16B2 switches donated to the cause.  Very nice!  That plus a new rack of 73G fibre drives with Mylex raid controllers means I might give running FC@Home another try.  (With almost 20 VM’s running, my NFS is getting the crap beaten out of it.) I also got an IBM H70 server …

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Migrations galore

Seems like this quarter I’m “Migration Man” I’m bouncing back and forth between Baltimore, MD, doing an 8830 –> DMX4 migration, and Chesapeake, VA doing a switch migration. So far they’ve both proven educational.  I’ve gotten more DMX4 hours under my belt in the last month than I can count, and finding many many new …

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After careful consideration, I’ve decided that the ‘sangod’ persona has outlived its usefullness.  When confidence becomes Ego, it’s bad, and I’ve learned that unchecked ego is even worse. When it comes to storage technology, I know a lot about a lot.  I also know enough to know I am *FAR* from knowing it all, though …

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In Memory – Dr. Randy Pausch

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” This is how I approach my work. I could easily take the easy jobs, the ones that don’t take any effort.  But you don’t *LEARN* from the jobs that don’t require effort. Randy Pausch – made famous by his “Last Lecture” given at …

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