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A Random Funny….

… SEWP BOWL?  Really?  And who said the government doesn’t have a sense of humor. (from

A Monday Thought –

Isaac Newton was a genius.  That’s undisputed.  He was also wrong. It’s  important to note that while Newton was on the right track with gravity, his logic was fundamentally flawed and as a result his theory and understanding were 100% wrong. The flaw in newtonian physics lies in assuming that objects are attracted to each …

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Hybrid tales.

Just for those of you who would like a break from storage.  I hacked into my Prius and added a few options: 1. Removed the safeties from the bluetooth and radio so I can dial the goddamned phone using the keypad and no longer have to dial using the phone when the number isn’t in …

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Throwing money away….

So tell me something, how much sense does it make to pay anywhere from between $150 and $250 an hour for a consultant to come in and then tie their hands to the ankles by telling them they can’t actually do any of the work. That’s the situation I find myself in.  The customer, a …

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Thumbdrive RAID experiment

  Now here is someone with *WAY* too much time on their hands.  They take a mini USB2.0 hub, and 4 thumbdrives and create a 3GB Raid5 array (or if you’re really creative and you’re using a real operating system, a 2GB Raid 1/0 array)   I actually agree with him that the uses of such …

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