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Apr 24

On Storage and Security.

Does storage management require host access? Of course it does!

May 06

And suddenly…(redux)

**ALERT** I’ve had to…modify this post so it won’t offend someone who doesn’t realize that the storage community is very small and that word will get out regardless… I’m unemployed. Unexpectedly too.  Unexpected because right up until the day they told me to go home because I wasn’t getting paid, everyone assured me that the …

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Sep 14


I have seen the future of data storage and I weep for it. A few random rants at 2am after a data migration didn’t go because I’m not willing to kill a backup process that has a hold of my mount-point. —- Engineering seems to be a thing of the past.  We’ve graduated to the …

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Nov 04

Consulting vs. Contracting…. A primer….

Ok, I can say it in a sentence. A contractor is someone you hire to do a job, a consultant is someone you hire to fix a problem. I’ve done both, but in the last 8 years I’ve been primarily a “Consultant.”  My job is to fix whatever perceived problem. Some companies might have a …

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Sep 15

Backup Vs. Archive

The fundamental difference between BACKUP and ARCHIVE. A backup is there to help you deal with a crisis such as “My datacenter is a smoking hole in the ground now what do I do?” or something not quite as dramatic like “A virus ate my data.”  You recover from the backup to the last known …

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May 12

Would you like a sign-on bonus with that sir?

I recently put a very terse email together to a recruiter.  These people have been sending me 3-5 emails PER WEEK on a position that is almost completely foreign to “Data Storage”  (Well, it does involve data…but that’s it about as close as it gets.) Recruiting is another place where supposedly technical work is going …

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Mar 17

I remember the good old days….

When the triage guys @ EMC actually listened to the person calling in the problem and directed the call appropriately. (Just had one I specifically asked for PSE and they routed me to software for some unknown reason, now, three hours later, it’s been re-routed to PSE) When the support specialist working a call would …

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Oct 07

Ok, ok. Not my brightest moment…

Not storage, but business related none-the-less: Yes, I’m sure most of you have seen it, and yes, it’s me.  I will say that the reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.  (Spell check says that’s right, but it doesn’t look right to me) Where you shop may hit your credit – MSNBC.COM For those of …

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Apr 30

Comcast –

They’re getting their last chance.  Morons took me down with their last config fix by re-enabling the blocking of port-80 when they uploaded the most recent “cure-all” config to the modem. Mental note:  If anyone ever tries to hand you an SMC 8013 or SMC8014 cable modem, run, don’t walk, in the opposite direction.  They …

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Feb 06

The Fake Synchronous SAN

In response to this article on “EnterpriseStorageForum”:  Synchronous SAN Sets Fibre Channel Distance Record My Response: True Synchronous transmission works over any distance – if you can live with the latency.   The problem is that most hosts operating systems can’t.  So different buffering schemes are cooked up to fool the host into thinking the write is …

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