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Win7 – Day 1

Ok – it doesn’t suck yet. I’m sure I’m going to have my membership to the all-geek club revoked for that statement but saying anything else wouldn’t be totally honest. I installed Win7, RC1 (I think – Build 7100) yesterday on the spare harddrive on my laptop just for grins. First off I was amazed …

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Sienfeld / Microsoft

Someone needs to fire their PR department.  Their new commercial says nothing other than the fact that Microsoft is out of ideas in it’s quest for world domination.  (And that thankfully even billions of dollars can’t stop Bill Gates from getting old and fat either)

Vista woes….

Hope everyone had a great new-year. I spent mine stripping every last bit of Windows Vista off my desktop at home. I played with it for a while, mostly to see what all the fuss was about.  Most of it comes down to yet another example of the dumbing down of America. Vista has managed …

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Has anyone found anything good about Microsoft servers yet?

I’m not really bashing their workstations, i’m actually quite fond of Vista on my laptop. However, when it comes to servers, I view being in an environment where Microsoft is the PRIMARY operating system by a factor of 20:1 as a form of torture akin to having my finger-naiils pulled out or being tied to …

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TimeFinder Integration

I’ve been reading the TimeFinder Integration guide for SQL and Exchange – this is going to be FUN…. (not) it would be nice if, at least from the SQL standpoint, they do transaction logging in the traditional sense, so that I could just snap the database, snap the transaction logs, and back the flat-files up. …

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Microsoft Bribing Bloggers?

I had posted a few nice words about Vista, but I deleted them when I found out that Microsoft has been bribing Bloggers with Brand new $2,300 Acer Ferrari laptops. Where’s mine? The article, on says that at least 7 bloggers have confessed that the nice things they’ve said about vista came after they …

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TimeFinder on MSSQL a possibility?

Let’s face it, if it’s Oracle, DB2, or anything along those lines, I can snap a copy and back it up with my eyes closed. MSSQL, being a pretend database, has me stumped.  I’m so used to archive logs that I’m not even sure how to use TF/Snap to back up the database. This is …

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Is Microsoft VSS a real Snap? Maybe. Does it suck? Absolutly!

I can’t even talk during the day because of the great sucking sound coming from our microsoft infrastructure. From a storage end, it’s even harder, because natively Microsoft doesn’t have ANY tools to unmount a filesystem or quiesce a production volume so you can take a hardware based snapshot of it. Of course they’ve introduced …

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