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Mar 20

The Macintosh Expirement – Final

The final installment of my 30 day Macintosh Experiement. And a For-Sale ad. 🙂

Oct 07

Ok, ok. Not my brightest moment…

Not storage, but business related none-the-less: Yes, I’m sure most of you have seen it, and yes, it’s me.  I will say that the reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.  (Spell check says that’s right, but it doesn’t look right to me) Where you shop may hit your credit – MSNBC.COM For those of …

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Jan 28


Through some mistake, I was recently given a Toshiba Portage M200 to test.  Its the first tablet PC I’ve actually gotten my hands on, so I thought I world put it through its paces on this trip. So far it’s been interesting. The handwriting analysis is amazing. (a technical term that translates as “can actual …

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Oct 29

Dell / Linux

Ok – a bit off the storage side. I recently undertook the daunting task of installing Fedora Core 7 on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop. The hardware summary is as follows: Intel Core2 Duo – T7200 (2x 2.8GHZ) 2GB Ram Intel 3945 802.11 Wireless Broadcom 10/100/1000 Network Sprint EVDO Express (Novatell internal) Dell 350 Bluetooth …

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Apr 09

Hybrid tales.

Just for those of you who would like a break from storage.  I hacked into my Prius and added a few options: 1. Removed the safeties from the bluetooth and radio so I can dial the goddamned phone using the keypad and no longer have to dial using the phone when the number isn’t in …

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Mar 14


Some may have noticed the downtime last night – well it was planned…sort of. Last night I started working on moving the site over to the new internet connection.  (I’m curious as to whether or not anyone outside notices the speed difference) When I realized (as I should have before) that moving the default gateway …

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Feb 15

An observation….

Stupid people can’t help being stupid – they’re born that way.  They go through life living in complete oblivion of the damage they are doing along the way. There is no cure for stupid.  It’s the #1 leading cause of “Hold my beer and watch this…” deaths in the world.  My only fear is that …

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