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Sep 29

Signing off….

I started this blog in September, 2006. I was working as a storage administrator for “Loan To Learn” a small student loan company in Sterling, Virginia. It was an amazing challenge. We built an enterprise environment from the ground up in amazing time. Overcoming odds, battling beasts, etc. It was great fun. It’s a pity …

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Nov 04

Consulting vs. Contracting…. A primer….

Ok, I can say it in a sentence. A contractor is someone you hire to do a job, a consultant is someone you hire to fix a problem. I’ve done both, but in the last 8 years I’ve been primarily a “Consultant.”  My job is to fix whatever perceived problem. Some companies might have a …

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Feb 19

Show vs. Functionality

Anil Gupta had an interesting post on his blog that I found interesting: Anil’s Blog Post Included in his post was a peice of marketing fluff from Craig Nunes, VP Marketing at 3Par, about how great their arrays are. Of course they are…especially if you are VP of their marketing department.  It’s there job to …

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Sep 03

On Marketing…

One of the things that happens when you run a storage/technology blog, is that you will regularly get emails from PR firms with press-releases hoping that you’ll write a post touting their product or at least link back to their site to improve their ratings in the serach engines. My problem is, that while I’m …

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Jan 06

EWeek – Skill Shortages to Swell IT Salaries

This article in says it all.  Storage has always been good to me.  In 2001 I got laid off while working for MTI (right before they imploded and were “reborn” as an EMC reseller – with a huge influx of capital from EMC) but was back in business almost immediately.  (Read the article in …

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Sep 30

Celerra filesystem extension

I had to re-write this one, I didn’t like my first run at it. As one part of my duties, I manage the companies one and only fileserver.  We run on a fairly simple rule, if it’s a file share it goes on the Celerra.  There are *NO* windows fileservers in our environment. Setting this …

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Sep 23

Brocade + McData = McBroken? (Or BrokeData?) Given the choice between brocade and McData I’ll usually choose McData.  Now that I don’t have a choice, I think I’ll stick with Cisco. Truthfully Brocade needed McData.  McData has a solid director class switch, one that will withstand the tests of time and the rigors of a large-scale production datacenter.  Brocade never really …

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