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May 27

In case you’re wondering…

Point of reference – A few months ago I wrote a post that I never ended up publishing that started with the line: “My gods I need to work with technology that wasn’t conceived of in the 1990s.” With that in mind, in case you’re wondering where I’ve been this past month or so… I’ve …

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Jul 09

Storage Tiering…

Ok, given the changes to the storage arena I’ve been working on a revised “Tiering system” to incorporate all of the levels of data…importance? My version of Storage Tiering is (or should be) as follows: Tier-1    – Symmetrix/Replicated – High Performance/Criticial Data Tier-2    – Symmetrix/NonReplicated – High Performance/Non-Criticial Data Tier-3   – Symmetrix/SATA/Replicated – High-Medium Performance/Critical …

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Aug 27

Thin Provisioning

Just got word that I’m going to be doing a “Thin Provisioning” install next week.  I’ve not had a lot of experience with EMC’s implementation of this particular brand of virtualization so it’s going to be interesting. Thin provisioning has been around for a while, I think NetApp and Compellant have had thin devices in …

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Jun 22

Enterprise vs….not

I have a cousin. Very well-to-do man, owns a company that does something with storing and providing stock data to other users. I don’t pretent do know the details of the business, but what I do know is that it’s storage and bandwidth intensive. He’s building his infrastructure on a home-grown storage solution – Tyan …

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Nov 25

Migration complete –

We did it.   Migrated the hosts/data.   Production is now running in Kansas, DR in Georgia, and the old datacenters in NY/NJ are one step closer to being shut down. Interesting couple of things I learned today. SRDF/A is a great technology for replicating over long distances while maintaining what they call a “dependent-write-consistent” state.  It …

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Nov 08

Binfile changes

The joys of data migrations.  One of the most common problems is the standard practice of most companies to avoid upgrading whenever possible.  The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I could spend days and days on that particular brand of suicide.  For now I’ll just replace that addage with a new one. …

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Nov 08

Upgrades complete

With the exception of a small problem I had with sendmail, everything seems to be working. Love it when it works this smoothly. 😉 /jg

Nov 04

Slow week….

Last month my timesheet showed a whopping 245 hours…..  I’m tired. But the insanity continues.  We completed the first stage of migrations last week, a swimming success.  (it’s funny, because I got the impression from the end-customer that they didn’t expect it to go as smoothly.) SRDF is the easiest way to move data – …

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Oct 19

Cisco FCIP and SRDF

Been a while since I’ve written anything – I’m not even sure if I still have a readership. I’ve been working an average of 60 hours a week on a single project these days.  Doing a datacenter migration and consolidation.  Basically moving 4 Symm-5 generation systems into a single DMX-3. The funniest part of this …

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May 19

Bulletproof storage

You know – I’ve worked with EMC hardware for a long time (in technology terms, eons.) in my going on 10 years experience working with EMC hardware, I’ve seen ONE symm completely fail.  an *OLD* Symmetrix 3530 failed during a 9 month project I was working to decomission 4 of them and migrate them to …

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