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Dec 31

Best Nerd Movies of all time.

Yeah – one of those posts.  But I’m not talking about the latest blockbuster, and I’m not even talking about anything even remotely “Matrix-Like” (though it does make the list) I’m talking about the movies us techie-types hate to admit that we loved. Here they are: Honorable Mention: Short Circuit – campy but loveable.  Good …

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Jul 14

Timefinder/Mirror clone emulation vs Timefinder/Clone

We are a mainframe shop, and some time ago, when we converted from DMX2 to DMX3 hardware EMC informed us that we would need to convert to Timefinder/Clone since our target devices would be RAID5. We have recently learned that when performing a Clone1 to R2 that a full push of all tracks will always …

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Jul 14

Finding time…

It’s ironic that the process of automating backups can sometimes take longer than running the backups manually. Of course the process is SUPPOSED to pay off in the long run, right? I’m starting the long and tedious process of converting my Veritas network-based backups to TimeFinder split backups.  it’s tedious, boring work, but it’s got …

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Mar 23

Cloning for fun and profit.

You know, everytime I start thinking of “Cloning” I am afraid the far-right is going to burn me in effigy, just on the principle of it. But in this case, I’m talking about cloning disks within an array for a data migration. The decision was made to move our Microsoft Exchange (Corporate Email) from the Tier-1 …

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Feb 27

TimeFinder Clone Part II

A user posted this as a response to “The Many flavors of EMC TimeFinder“  I felt it rated it’s own post. ——————————————— Q: “My experience is mostly using IBM Sharks. I’m now working in a very large EMC environment, foucsed on backup. I’m wondering if the TimeFinder/Clone’s cloned volume can be permanently mounted on another …

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Feb 10

Has anyone found anything good about Microsoft servers yet?

I’m not really bashing their workstations, i’m actually quite fond of Vista on my laptop. However, when it comes to servers, I view being in an environment where Microsoft is the PRIMARY operating system by a factor of 20:1 as a form of torture akin to having my finger-naiils pulled out or being tied to …

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Dec 04

TimeFinder on MSSQL a possibility?

Let’s face it, if it’s Oracle, DB2, or anything along those lines, I can snap a copy and back it up with my eyes closed. MSSQL, being a pretend database, has me stumped.  I’m so used to archive logs that I’m not even sure how to use TF/Snap to back up the database. This is …

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Oct 17

Is Microsoft VSS a real Snap? Maybe. Does it suck? Absolutly!

I can’t even talk during the day because of the great sucking sound coming from our microsoft infrastructure. From a storage end, it’s even harder, because natively Microsoft doesn’t have ANY tools to unmount a filesystem or quiesce a production volume so you can take a hardware based snapshot of it. Of course they’ve introduced …

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Sep 26

The Different Flavors of EMC TimeFinder

I don’t know what most people know about TimeFinder, so I’ll start with a short introduction. EMC Timefinder was developed to provide customers with a dynamic mirror they could use to try and cut some of the tediousness out of copying data, whether from one host to another or within the same host. When I …

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