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Jun 08

SQL Backups using TimeFinder

The backups work wonderfully, and the restore of a plain backup works as well. What I’m having trouble with is something that’s so simple in Oracle and DB2 that it’s stumping me that I can’t find any documentation on it for SQL. In any real RDBMS, you would restore the datafiles to disk and mount …

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May 02


Just a warning – keep an eye on the install drive for Veritas.   Letting the drive fill can result in a corrputed EMM database and Veritas forgetting things like the last year’s worth of backups. So I ended up rebuilding both the master server and one of the media servers. One thing that might come in handy.  …

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Apr 12

Veritas Media Server Encryption Option…

So the biggest problem with Veritas, is that their client-side encryption option, which is the standard deployment, negates the use of Veritas Bare-Metal-Restore (BMR). For those who aren’t Veritas geeks like me, BMR is the handy-dandy application that allows you to rebuild a server from scratch using only a floppy (or bootable CD) with little …

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Dec 31

Veritas NetBackup – Maint. Pack 4

Just in case you don’t already do it, back-up your C:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\bin directory before you apply MP4. Unlike previous Maintenance Packs – this one will clobber any custom scripting you have done. Not nice.