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How to tell if your sales rep hates you….

I just got the following job posting and it made me, literally, laugh out loud, spitting latte all over my laptop. If your sales rep allows you to do something like this, it’s a fair bet that s/he hates you (or is planning to buy your company out of bankruptcy later). “WANTED: VMWare 1-month resident to …

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Jumping the shark

This may be a more well-known reference than I earlier thought. I grew up watching Happy-Days.  The show was great until the episode where Fonzi jumped the shark-tank.  After that it pretty much went down-hill quickly. Hence the term “Jumped the shark” or “Jumping the shark” has come to mean any single event that marks …

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So much fun, so little time.

A few have noticed the site was down for an extended period this week.  I learned a few things this week. I set up my FC system and was so excited to get it moving that I neglected to adequately test my equipment.  I bought used equipment, with used drives, and put real data on …

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